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A very popular Visiri Ship


The Visiri Faction is the fifth faction in the game. The obtainable Visiri Ships are unlocked at level 10 when researching Starship Blueprints. The faction also appears in the storyline as a main enemy.


Visiri Ships are colored in a red and white color scheme. They seem to feature aquatic characteristics in the lower levels like spikes and fins. They also have weird protruding hearts of red in the interior like the Qtarian Faction.


Only two ships in the Visiri Faction are actually obtainable. The rest are only found in campaigns. There is also no Visiri Ship for levels 6-8 as they never appeared in the campaign. Visiri Ships level 5 and 8 also have a health discrepancy.

The List of Visiri Ships can be found here Visiri Ships.

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