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System Damage and Crew Damage are the most common form of Damage seen in Pixel Starships. System Damage is the type of damage that affects Room HP and Barriers. System Damage also has the unique ability to turn into Hull Damage when the targetted room is destroyed, making it the most common way people win battles.

System Damage Mechanics

As stated above, System Damage affects room HP and Barriers. A room's HP is determined by its maximum power consumption/production. In context, a room that consumes a maximum of 5 power will have 5 HP, regardless of its current power consumption. If that 5 HP room is hit with 2.1 System Damage, it will be left with 2.9 HP and since decimals round down for power consumption, the room can now only consume a maximum of two power. Armor can be used to reduce the amount of System Damage taken, making it a necessity to any ship.

When the target room is destroyed (0 HP), the leftover System Damage is converted into Hull Damage. Hull Damage is the type of damage that affects a Starship's HP AKA Hull. For instance, if a room with a maximum power of 3 is hit with 4 system damage, not only will the room be destroyed, but the remaining 1 system damage on that room will go straight to the hull. Rooms that don't consume power like Bedrooms will be considered destroyed, even if they haven't been damaged yet.

System Damage Weaponry

Below is a list of weaponry that inflict System Damage.

Damage Mechanics

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Crew Mechanics

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