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A level 8 Qtarian Ship in some promotional art.


The Qtarian Faction is one of the 3 starter factions you get to pick in Pixel Starships. The other two being the Pirate and the Federation. Qtarian Ships have the most amount of grids from the other starter factions. Despite its low usage rate, hard ship design, and its akward vertical shape. It is one of the best ships amongst high-level players.


The main difference that separates Qtarian ships from the other factions is the vertical ship design. These incredibly tall ships will always need many Lifts because many rooms will be inaccessible without it. A common tactic is to place unneeded rooms below to minimize the amount of lifts needed to use.


The main color scheme for the Qtarian ships is a dark orange, yellow. As you develop into mid-stage, the ship develops a vertically long and triangular shape. The hybrid ship branch for the Qtarian faction is unlocked at level 10 is the Qtarian Hybird Ship. (PLEASE NOTE THAT BY PRESENT DAY ALL SHIPS HAVE DIFFERENT ART AND SLIGHTLY ALTERED LAYOUTS, STILL KEEPING THE COLOR SCHEME IN THE ACTUAL GAME.)

The List of Qtarian Ships can be found here: Qtarian Ships and Qtarian Hybrid Ships.

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