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A small robot designed to do everything. Unfortunately it's great at nothing.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Space Ability Fire Resist Walk Speed
1 Critical Strike 50 2
Level Combat Stats Passive Stats Build
Ability Health Attack Repair Cost
1 2 2 0.5 0.5 90 1m 30s
2 3 3 0.6 0.6 110 1m 30s
3 3 4 0.7 0.7 130 1m 30s


The Mini Droid is an Android unlocked for the Robotics Bay after the player researches Mini Droid. The Mini Droid is considered a Crew member once deployed. The Android takes up room space but does not add to a Starbase's maximum Crew capacity. The Mini Droid can also be upgraded by continuing to research Mini Droid in the Laboratory.

When deployed, the Mini Droid will actively walk to any damaged friendly room to repair it or any friendly room with an enemy boarder inside it. The Mini Droid also has the Critical Strike ability that is used whenever an enemy boarder is in the same room as the Android. Like all Androids, the Mini Droid has the lowest Crew Seniority possible, its AI cannot be edited, and it will stay in its current room until another one of its triggers are activated


Android Combos

Mini Spam Combo [Support][Mid-Late Game] MiniDroid3.png + MiniDroid3.png + MiniDroid3.png + MiniDroid3.png

The Mini Spam Combo is the most common combo for the Mini Droid. Since the Mini Droid is the best Android available for the Robotics Bay, it makes sense to only use the Mini Droid for a combo.

Mini and Service Combo [Support][Mid-Late Game] MiniDroid3.png + MiniDroid3.png + ServcieDroid1-2.png + ServcieDroid1-2.png

The Mini and Service Combo utilizes 2 Mini Droids and 2 Service Droids. The Service Droids are used in this combo to prioritize the repair of rooms instead of attacking enemy boarders. The Service Droid's Healing Rain ability can also be quite useful in a pinch.

When To Use

The Robotics Bay can only deploy Mini and Service Droids. Since the Service Droids cannot be upgraded, the Mini Droid is the best Android to use in every situation besides goal priority. If the player doesn't want to heavily prioritize repair, the Mini Droid is the best Android to use in every situation.


The AI equip command for the Mini Droid is pretty simple. Remember to put the below AI equip command in the Robotics Bay to automatically equip the Mini Droid during combat.

None -> Set Cheapest Items

Additionally, here is an AI command that will automatically equip Mini Droids if any of its triggers are activated.

Any Your Room HP < 100% -> Set Cheapest Items

Enemy Teleport HP > 0% -> Set Cheapest Items


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