Ion Core

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Ion Core.png
Concentrated Ion Energy Charge.
Ion Core.png

System Damage Shield Damage Crew Damage Projectile Speed Space
0.6 0.3 1 10 2
Level Volley Volley Delay Build
1 8 0.1s 300 3m
2 9 0.1s 380 3m
3 10 0.1s 460 3m
4 11 0.1s 550 3m


The Ion Core is basically ammo the Ion Cannon fires in battle. The Ion Core can be upgraded be researching higher levels of Ion Charge in the Laboratory. Upgrading the Ion Core increase how many volleys of lasers the Ion Cannon will shoot. This is essential to maximize the damage of the Ion Cannon in battle.


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Ion Cannon Consumables

Ion Core