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Ion Cannon

A slow yet powerful charge weapon. Causes devastating damage to target.


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Ship Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Number Available 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
Icon Abbreviation Size Power PowerIcon.png Consumption Stat Enhancement AI Category
IonCannonIcon.png ION 3x3 0-6 Weapon WeaponIcon.png Cannon
Level Reload Time Capacity Upgrade Ship Level Required
Storage Queue Cost
1 25s 30 30 2M 1w 3d 11
2 21.25s 40 40 2.3M 1w 5d 11
3 19.5s 40 40 2.5M 2w 11


The Ion Cannon is a 3x3 weapon room unlocked at level 11. The Ion Cannon is the most powerful weapon in the game, dealing massive amounts of damage in a short period of time. The Ion Cannon requires Ion Cores to fire. These affect the Ion Cannon's damage and are built like Category:Missiles.


Battle Mechanics

Like all weapon rooms that fire in volleys, the Ion Cannon will not start to reload until its entire volley is finished. That means if two Rush Command abilities are used at the same time in the Ion Cannon, only one will affect its reload. This happens with all volley weapon rooms, but it's especially apparent in Ion Cannon because it has a massive volley when compared to other volley weapon rooms.

In Combat

The Ion Cannon is incredibly powerful by itself, but it can this can be further amplified with the "Ion Rush" Strategy. This strategy involves rushing the Ion Cannon at the start of the game with the Rush Command ability as much as possible. With correct Crew timing, a player can deal massive damage in a short period of time. Since the Ion Cannon also takes a massive amount of power, 1-3 Armor blocks are sufficient for protecting it.

When To Use

The Ion Cannon is the bread and butter of level 11 ships. Simply put, there is almost no reason not to use the Ion Cannon. It's the most powerful weapon in the game, allowing for massive damage in short periods of time. Its power and space consumption can be nullified with further upgrades and the added grids from level 11 ships.


AI for rooms like the Ion Cannon is relatively straightforward. As long as the Ion Cannon’s AI is targeting the same rooms in conjunction with the other weapons on a player’s ship, it should be fine. Along with this, make sure to use one of the below equip commands to automatically equip the Ion Core in combat. Otherwise, the Ion Cannon may not fire.

None -> Set Cheapest Items
None -> Set Dearest Items
None -> Set Highest System Damage
None -> Set Highest Character Damage

Crew Interactions

The Ion Cannon is buffed with the Weapon WeaponIcon.png stat on crew. The reload reduction formula applied when the Ion Cannon is buffed can be found here.


  • The Ion Cannon is called the Iron Cannon in game files.
  • The Ion Cannon's ship level requirement once displayed 10 instead of 11. This was only a visual bug, and it was patched out the next day.
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