HandyBot 3000

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HandyBot 2000   HandyBot 3000   HandyBot 3500

HandyBot 3000.png
It's model number is 1000 higher than the previous model. So you know it must be better. Repair +0.5


The HandyBot 3000 is an Elite Accessory Equipment that gives a bonus of +0.5 RepairRepairIcon.png when equipped.

Used as an ingredient to craft a HandyBot 3500.

Crafting Recipe

HandyBot 2000.png
HandyBot 3000.png
X3 HandyBot 2000 X4 Gold(Au) X1 HandyBot 3000

Use In Other Recipes

HandyBot 3000.png
HandyBot 3500.png
X4 HandyBot 3000 X6 Titanium(Ti) X1 HandyBot 3500