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Weaponized Incendiary Medium Assault Ship.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8

Space Projectile Speed
3 36 Pixels/s
Volley System Damage AP Damage Shield Damage Crew Damage Direct Hull Damage Fire Length
1 0 0 0 0 0 3.375s
Level Flight Speed Reload Time Health Build
1 5 Pixels/s 4.25s 5 2.4K 8m
2 5 Pixels/s 4s 5 2.6K 8m
3 6 Pixels/s 3.75s 6 2.8K 8m
4 6 Pixels/s 3.5s 6 3K 8m
5 7 Pixels/s 3.25s 7 3.2K 8m
6 7 Pixels/s 3s 7 3.5K 8m
7 8 Pixels/s 2.75s 8 3.7K 8m
8 8 Pixels/s 2.5s 8 4K 8m


The Firehawk Craft is a Craft unlocked for the Hangar/Starport after the player researches Firehawk. The Firehawk Craft flies toward the enemy ship when launched during combat. The Firehawk Craft is tanky and fires mini Scarlet Missiles that bypass shields and can be dodged by ships that have an Engine equipped. The Firehawk Craft can also be upgraded by continuing to research Firehawk in the Laboratory.


Craft Combos

Lockdown Paired With Fire [DPS][Mid-End Game] Firehawk8.png + Defender8.png

Lockdown Paired With Fire is the most common combo for the Firehawk Craft. With the additional Firehawk Craft to support the Defender Craft, locking down a room will be much easier. This is mainly due to the Fire Damage from the Firehawk Craft. The Fire will allow for area denial on the room. The Fire will continuously damage the room and crew, preventing a full repair of the room for an extra 1-2 seconds. The most ideal launch pattern for this combo would be 1-2x Firehawk Craft and 3-4x Defender Craft.

Firehawk Spam [Support][Mid-End Game] Firehawk8.png

The Firehawk Spam combo is also a common combo for the Firehawk Craft, although not as common. Since Fire Damage can't cause hull damage, this combo is more geared to support the player's weapon rooms. This usually means killing most of the enemy repair crew by continuously bombarding them with Fire Damage. This combo can also be used to distract repair crew and damage rooms with the "Target Enemy Random Rooms" AI Command.

When To Use

The Firehawk Craft is usually used as a tank for other Craft, not as the main damage dealing Craft. This is mainly due to the fact that the Firehawk Missiles can be dodged if the enemy has an Engine equipped. Along with this, Fire Damage cannot deal hull damage, and many players use the Hangar/Starport to kill the enemy ship as fast as possible.


The AI equip command for the Firehawk Craft is pretty simple. Remember to put the below AI equip command in the Hangar/Starport to automatically equip the Firehawk Craft during combat.

None -> Set Highest Fire Items


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