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Fire Effect


Fire Damage is seen virtually everywhere in Pixel Starships, mostly in the form of Scarlet Missiles. The fire produced from the Missile combines both System and Crew Damage into a damage over time effect that can be devastating to both entering Crew and the room itself. However, unlike other types of damage, Fire Damage can be mitigated in damage or duration through numerous means.

Fire Damage Mechanics

Fire Damage deals both System and Crew Damage, so fire with a damage value of 6 will deal 6 damage to Systems and Crew. However, unlike normal System Damage, System Damage from a fire will not become hull damage if the room set on fire is destroyed. Armor and Barriers still reduce/block this System Damage, but will not affect fire duration.

Other types of damage to a burning room will not affect the fire. However, if additional Fire Damage is applied, the fire with the longest duration will be applied to the room. For example, a room is on fire for 3s and a source of Fire Damage applies another 6s fire. The room will be set on fire for 6s, and the original 3s fire is immediately replaced.

Fire Damage And Room Frames

To understand Fire Damage, we first must understand what Room Frames are. Below is an image briefly explaining what a Room Frame is. Fire Damage is calculated on Action Frames, but fires themselves can be ignited on any Frame, including the Action Frame itself. When that happens, the damage will instantly be calculated.

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Below is a model of a 5s fire with 1 Repair added on the second Room Frame of the fire's total duration. Action Frames will take into account Crew buffs like Repair or Fire Resistance before it calculates the Fire Damage.

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Fire Damage Formula

Fire Duration = (Fire Duration - (1.Sprinkler Stat% x Fire Duration) - Fire Resistance%) - (Repair Stat/2)

Fire Damage = Fire Duration / 2. This is calculated immediately after the first Formula. Fire Damage is rounded to the nearest tenth.

  • For example, let's say a 5s Fire is ignited in a room with 1 Water Sprinkler, 1 Fire Resistance, and a combined total of 4 Repair. Let's say the 5s Fire was ignited right on an Action Frame. The Action Frame it landed on would be the fire's first Action Frame.
    • For the fire's first Action Frame, the Duration Formula is (5 - (1.5% x 5) - 1%) - (4/2) = 2.92575, and the Damage Formula is 2.92575 / 2 = 1.5 Damage. However, the calculated damage will be dealt on the next Action Frame.
    • For the fire's second Action Frame (1s Later), the Duration Formula becomes (2.92575 - (1.5% x 2.92575) - 1%) - (4/2) = 0.8823026125, and the Damage Formula for the next Frame is 0.8823026125 / 2 = 0.4 Damage. Along with this, the Fire Damage calculated from the previous Action Frame is dealt on this Action Frame.
    • For the fire's third Action Frame (1s Later), the Fire Duration is -0.1176973875. Fire Durations are considered invalid after it reaches a negative, meaning the Fire is now over. However, the calculated Fire Damage from the previous Action Frame is still dealt.
    • The Fire lasted a total of 3 Action Frames and did a total of 1.9 Damage.

Fire Damage Counters

Below is a list of Fire Damage counters. Barriers absorb the Fire's System Damage, but it's only a temporary counter as the Fire Damage will eventually destroy it.

  • Sprinklers
  • Barriers. Only a temporary counter.
  • Crew Repair Stat
  • Crew Fire Resistance Stat

Fire Weaponry

Below is a list of Fire weaponry. Blaze Walk is a special variant of Fire Damage, but it's still considered Fire Damage as it shares the same mechanics.

Damage Mechanics

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