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EMP Effect


EMP Damage is a staple in many mid to late game strategies. It has the power to disable power consuming rooms for long periods of time, drastically changing the course of the battle. If the EMP duration is long enough, a room's stun can last long after it's EMP'd again. This is known as a Stunlock. Stunlocks are most proficient with the EMP Missile, the most popular way of delivering EMP Damage to rooms.

EMP Damage Mechanics

EMP Damage is not really physical damage; it's more like an effect, despite what the game says. Weaponry that deals EMP Damage has a set duration on how long that EMP will last. Duration will not affect the effects given by the EMP. EMP Damage is applied on top of existing damage, so any type of damage dealt after a room is EMP'd will not take away the EMP effect. The exception for this being EMP Damage itself.

When EMP Damage is applied to a room that is already EMP'd, the game will select the EMP with the longest duration as true and will discard the lower duration. For example, let's say a room has 3s left on its EMP and a 6s EMP Missile hits the same room. The game sets the room's EMP duration as 6s, discarding the old 3s because it had the shorter duration.

EMP Damage Effects

When a power consuming room is EMP'd, three effects will be applied. First, the room stops reloading until the EMP duration ends. If the room doesn't reload, it will instead stop providing their buff. For example, an EMP'd Engine will stop providing the player a dodge chance against Missiles.

Second, the room's power consumption cannot be edited in any way until the EMP duration ends. This includes AI and manual control. This is to stop players from removing power from an EMP'd room to essentially negate the EMP effect. Third, any Sprinkler or Landmine in the affected room will cease function for the entire battle.

Rooms that don't consume power like the Small Reactor will not receive any effects from an EMP. However, any Sprinkler or Landmine in the room will still be affected.

EMP Weaponry

Below is a list of weaponry that inflict EMP Damage. Do note that System Hack is not considered a type of EMP weaponry. Its effect may be similar, but it doesn't share the same effects a normal EMP does.

Damage Mechanics

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