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Medium Assault Ship.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8

Space Projectile Speed
3 Instant
Volley System Damage AP Damage Shield Damage Crew Damage Direct Hull Damage
1 0.5 0 0.25 0.5 0
Level Flight Speed Reload Time Health Build
1 8 Pixels/s 4.25s 6 2.7K 10m
2 8 Pixels/s 4s 6 3K 10m
3 8 Pixels/s 3.75s 6 3.2K 10m
4 8 Pixels/s 3.5s 6 3.5K 10m
5 8 Pixels/s 3.25s 6 3.8K 10m
6 8 Pixels/s 3s 6 4K 10m
7 8 Pixels/s 2.75s 6 4.2K 10m
8 8 Pixels/s 2.5s 6 4.5K 10m


The Defender Craft is a Craft unlocked for the Hangar/Starport after the player researches Defender. The Defender Craft flies toward the enemy ship when launched during combat. The Defender Craft is tanky and hard hitting, the tradeoff being a slower flight speed and a longer reload time. The Defender Craft can also be upgraded by continuing to research Defender in the Laboratory.


Craft Combos

Defender Spam [DPS][Mid-End Game] Defender8.png

The Defender Spam combo is one of the most common combos players use. One of the reasons being the high DPS output of the Defender Craft being able to lockdown rooms. Locking down a room means making a room unrepairable because of the continuous damage being done to the room. The best rooms to target with this combo are the Anti Craft Laser and Shield Generator.

Lockdown Paired With Fire [DPS][Mid-End Game] Defender8.png + Firehawk8.png

Lockdown Paired With Fire is another combo players use. With the added Firehawk Craft, locking down a room will be much easier. The Fire Damage from the Firehawk Craft will cause area denial on the room. The Fire will continuously damage the room and crew, preventing a full repair of the room for an extra 1-2 seconds. The most ideal launch pattern for this combo would be 1-2x Firehawk Craft and 3-4x Defender Craft.

Lockdown Paired With EMP [DPS/Support][Mid-End Game] Defender8.png + Corsair8.png

Similarly, pairing Defenders with Corsair Craft improves lockdown ability. With a high enough level Corsair Craft, target rooms can be adequately stunned.

When To Use

The Defender Craft is widely considered the best Craft. Since all Crafts will launch at the same rate, the Craft with the highest DPS is the most ideal. The Defender Craft fits that idea, with the highest overall DPS output compared to the other Craft. Alongside that, Defender Craft have high HP; increasing how long they'll survive when Anti Craft Lasers are attacking them.


The AI equip command for the Defender Craft is pretty simple. Remember to put one of the below AI equip command in the Hangar/Starport to automatically equip the Defender Craft during combat.

None -> Set Highest System Damage

None -> Set Highest Crew Damage


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Ion Cannon Consumables

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