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Crew Damage and System Damage are the most common form of Damage seen in Pixel Starships. As the name implies, Crew Damage affects Crew HP. Crew Damage is also the only way to kill Crew in combat, making it incredibly useful.

Crew Damage Mechanics

Crew Damage is really simple. Crew Damage will affect all Crew in the targetted room equally and will not distribute the damage amongst them. So for example, let's say there are 3 Crew in a room with 5 HP. The room is then hit with 6 Crew Damage, causing each Crew Member to take 6 HP, killing them instantly. Crew Damage is not affected by Armor or Barriers, and leftover Crew Damage does nothing.

Crew Damage Weaponry

Below is a list of weaponry that inflict Crew Damage.

Damage Mechanics

System DamageCrew DamageShield DamageAP DamageDirect Hull DamageEMP DamageFire Damage

Crew Mechanics

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