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Blue Shirt.png
Red Shirt.png
Yellow Shirt.png
Blue Shirt Red Shirt

Weapon + 5.0

Yellow Shirt

Pilot + 3.0

Blue Officer Uniform.png
Red Officer Uniform.png
Yellow Officer Uniform.png
Blue Officer Uniform


Red Officer Uniform

Weapon + 8.0

Yellow Officer Uniform

Pilot + 6.0

Combat Armor.png
Improved Combat Armor.png
Golden Combat Armor.png
Combat Armor

Hp + 1.0

Improved Combat Armor

Hp + 2.0

Golden Combat Armor

Attack + 0.5

Santa Costume.png
Viking Armor.png
Legion Armor.png
Santa Costume

Hp + 1.0

Viking Armor

Attack + 0.4

Legion Armor

Attack + 0.6

Assault Armor.png
Heavy Assault Armor.png
Dark Matter Armour.png
Assault Armor

PowerArgument + 12.0

Heavy Assault Armor

PowerArgument + 20.0

Dark Matter Armour


Visiri Gunner Armor.png
Visiri EVA Armor.png
Armored Flight Suit.png
Visiri Gunner Armor


Visiri EVA Armor


Armored Flight Suit


Draconian Armor.png
DRAGON Mech Suit.png
Draconian Armor


D.R.A.G.O.N Mech Suit


Steampunk Armor.png
Titan Armor.png
Blue Armour.png
Steampunk Armor


Titan Armor

Hp + 3.0

Blue Armour


Daft Kittus Armor.png
Assassin's Robe.png
Flashy Uniform.png
Daft Kittus Armor


Assassin's Robe


Flashy Uniform

StaminaBonus + 15.0

Hot Rod.png
Overhauler Armor.png
Hot Rod Armor

FireResistance + 30.0

Overhauler Armor


Fire Warden's Jacket.png
Tin Armour.png
Fire Warden's Jacket

FireResistance + 30.0

Tin Armour


Soccer Jersey.png
Sports Uniform.png
Idol Sports Uniform.png
Soccer Jersey

StaminaBonus + 28.0

Sports Uniform

StaminaBonus + 15.0

Idol Sports Uniform


Mechanics Apron.png
Engi-Exo Suit.png
Mechanics Apron

Engine + 3.0

Engi-Exo Suit


Engi Combatant Armor


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