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A robot designed specifically for attacking enemy ships.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5

Space Ability
1 Ultra Dismantle
Level Combat Stats Passive Stats Build
Ability Health Attack Walk Speed Fire Resist Cost
1 3 6 1.5 1 25 800 3m
2 3 7 1.8 2 35 1.1K 3m
3 4 8 2 2 40 1.27K 3m
4 4 9 2.3 2 45 1.35K 3m
5 5 10 2.5 3 50 1.5K 3m


The Boarder Droid is an Android unlocked for the Android Studio after the player researches Boarder Droid. The Boarder Droid is considered a Crew member once deployed. The Android takes up room space but does not add to a ship's maximum Crew capacity. The Boarder Droid can also be upgraded by continuing to research Boarder Droid in the Laboratory.

When deployed, the Boarder Droid will use the player's Teleport to board a random enemy room that consumes power. After it destroys that room, it'll target the nearest enemy room that consumes power. The Boarder Droid also has the Ultra Dismantle ability that is used whenever it's in an enemy room. Like all Androids, the Boarder Droid has the lowest Crew Seniority possible, and its AI cannot be edited. Also, if the player doesn't have a Teleport, the Boarder Droid will simply idle in the room it's deployed in.


Android Combos

Read First

The combos below are excerpts from the Android Studio and Visri Mechbay pages. Combos marked with an * only require one Android producing room to work. Combos marked with a ^ require two Android producing rooms to work.

Boarder Droid Combo* [Win Condition][Mid-Late Game] BoarderDroid5.png + BoarderDroid5.png

The Boarder Droid Combo* utilizes Boarder Droids to board the enemy ship and wreak havoc. When combined with the Boarder Droid's Ultra Dismantle ability, the Boarder Droid can deal a hefty amount of damage to enemy rooms.

Service and Attack Combo* [Support][Mid-Late Game] ServiceDroid5.png + BoarderDroid5.png

The Service and Attack Combo* utilizes Service and Boarder Droids to essentially do two tasks at once. For example, pairing the Boarder Droid and Service Droid together allows the player to board the enemy ship whilst also repairing rooms and healing repair Crew.

Boarder Spam Combo^ [Win Condition][Mid-Late Game] BoarderDroid5.png + BoarderDroid5.png + BoarderDroid5.png + BoarderDroid5.png

The Boarder Spam Combo^ utilizes 4 Boarder Droids to board the enemy ship and cause massive damage. When paired with the Boarder Droid's Ultra Dismantle ability, this combo can deal massive damage in a short period of time. Do note that the amount of Boarder Droids launched outmatch the speed of which the Teleport can reload, so many players recommend switching one of the Boarder Droids for a Service or Defence Droid.

Repair and Attack Combo^ [Support][Mid-Late Game] ServiceDroid5.png + ServiceDroid5.png + BoarderDroid5.png + BoarderDroid5.png

The Repair and Attack Combo^ utilizes both Service and Boarder Droids. By pairing the Androids together, the player can have multiple combos going on at once. For example, 2 Boarder Droids and 2 Service Droids allows the player to board the enemy ship whilst repairing rooms and healing repair Crew.

When To Use

Boarder Droids should be used to support boarder crew, not replace them entirely. This is due to the inability to control Androids, which can sometimes lead to most Boarder Droids targetting the wrong room and dying. However, Boarder Droids are great support after all preexisting boarders have already teleported to the enemy ship due to their ability to be spammed and high HP.


The AI equip command for the Boarder Droid is pretty simple. Remember to put the below AI equip command in the Android Studio, Visiri Mechbay, or Robotics Bay to automatically equip the Boarder Droid during combat.

None -> Set Dearest Items


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