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Bio Recycling   Bio Recycling Item Data Guide

Picture Example

  • A Brain Enhancer Was Used, That Means The Main Buff Will Be Ability. You Also Have A Medium Chance Of Getting A Secondary Buff, Like Attack. You Also Have An Even Smaller Chance Of Getting A Tertiary Buff, Like Repair.
  • Along With That, The Crew Also Had A Training Capacity Of 70, So He Can’t Hold As Many Buffs Like A Crew With 100 Training Capacity Could. This Also Happens With Crew Who Are Already Trained. This Is Because Their Previous Training Decreases How Much Available Training Space They Now Have Within Their Training Capacity.
  • Since This Is A Clean Crew, He Doesn't Have Any Previously Trained Stats. However, Let's Say He Already Has 60 Ability Before Using This Item. Not Only Does This Give Him Less Training Capacity, But He Also Gets A Penalty On His Ability Gain Due To How Much Ability Buffs He Has In Relation To His Max Training Capacity.

Training Capacity List

Crew Average Training Capacity
Common Crew 50
Elite Crew 60
Unique Crew 70
Epic Crew 80
Hero Crew 90
Special Crew 100
Starter Captains 200
Legendary Crew 110

How To Read Icons

Engine Pilot Repair Shield and Cloak Weapon Time

HP Stamina Ability Attack XP
  • 1 Buff = 1% Stat Bonus
  • For Stamina, 1 Buff = 1
  • When You Have Equipment along with Buffs, the formula becomes: Base Max Stat * (100%+Training Buff%) * (100%+Equipment Buff%). If a buff doesn’t increase the stat by %, just turn the * into a +.

How To Read Charts

Item Main Buff Secondary Buff Tertiary Buff
Mountain Brew <8 <3% <3% <1% <1% <200
  • Now let's explain the chart starting with Main Buff. This is the buff your most likely to get using the item. The Max buff for Stamina in this item is 8, that means when you use the item, you can get around 0-8 Stamina.
  • Next up, Secondary Buffs. You have a medium chance of getting this buff alongside the other buffs. The Secondary buff for Health in this item is 3%, that means when you use the item, you can get around a 0-3% Health Buff.
  • Next up, Tertiary Buffs. You have a small chance of getting this buff alongside the other buffs. The Tertiary buff for Repair in this item is 1%, that means when you use the item, you can only get a 0-1% Repair Buff.
  • Finally, XP Buffs. You are guaranteed this unless your crew is maxed at level 40. The XP shown above is the max XP you can get from the item. However, a formula is still used, that being 50% to 100% of the Max XP or 100-200 XP. You also cannot get more XP than what your current level's XP caps at.

Bio Recycling Items


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